The oracle is coming

There is a law in to believe in God; where faith always
leads to an equal love in all goings-on by all
- prescribed in the depth of that how far we can
think, depends on the reason that underlies reality.
Only in shortcomings can we believe ourselves
higher; something that really only knows a lesser
value - hardships. Only by evil do we know
something more; more than truth - actually a lot
lot less.

Geoff is my way to put the law into system;
evidentially - for to by every regard show at the
relation between the truth and happiness. To be
honest is the relation, in the chance for a point;
as the singular circuit that forms a part of every
essence. The stand of it is a Holy Trinity while the
conclusion is tawḥīd; an application that as a whole
always circumvents the sense but out of which we
tracing can understand context - Bless as a bond of
boundless equal value; the same over all areas.

The ultimate position of Bless is found to a unifying
value between philosophy, religion and science; set
to a meter on all relation in localization - Bless as
the value of its own position. The position that in
turn is omnipresent, ties to the context for however a
phenomenon exists; systematic bits in a Holy model
for computation - our spiritual names. To the system
of a flow for the defitnion on the difference between
data and information, the context forms each answer
within the relevance of every truth; the weight we put
on it accentuated - care.